54 Reasons to Defund and Dismantle the Entire United Nations

February 8, 2014 – USI Public Intelligence and Education Academy (PIEA)

The USI government and the Public Intelligence and Education Academy deem it necessary, in the public’s interest, to inform the international community about an alarming, growing number of cases and facts that make it impossible for any self-respecting sovereign community and nation to not recognize what is going on at the United Nations and to not take immediate action. We even go so far as to suggest that any membership at the UN should be immediately terminated in order to prevent further escalation of the current worrying situation.

For decades the United Nations organization has been regarded as a respectable entity by all nations and sovereign communities, we can base this conclusion on the memberships at the UN and the co-operations with the UN and their specialized agencies.

However, this respect and trust has been misplaced ever since the UN came into existence.

The following excerpts are a summary of documented cases and facts that prove that the conclusions of the USI government and the Public Intelligence and Education Academy are justified, that the call for action against the UN and termination of memberships at the United Nations by any and all member states, sovereign communities and orders is warranted.

* * *

1.  UN, EU, WWF and Greenpeace Complicit in Coverup of Fukushima Truth

January 14, 2014

“Even in the event that they have nothing to do with the actual, initial, acts and crimes they all sure are complicit in the whole criminal case and scheme of deception, along with practically all the governments and (mainstream) media outlets from around the world. Because not telling the truth while you have access to it is just as severe as the crimes themselves.”

“Based on the facts and findings that lawfully support our statements and conclusions that Japan came under attack on March 11, 2011, the events – the nuclear attacks, the deliberately triggered earthquake and tsunami – can therefore not be regarded as merely accidents. Doing so while knowing that the very opposite is true is in itself a crime against humanity, considering the scale of the 2011 events.”

2. UN Chief Helped Rwanda Killers Arm Themselves

September 3, 2000

“The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, played a leading role in supplying weapons to the Hutu regime which carried out a campaign of genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.”

“As Minister of Foreign Affairs in Egypt, Boutros-Ghali facilitated an arms deal in 1990, which was to result in $26 million (£18m) of mortar bombs, rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition being flown from Cairo to Rwanda. The arms were used by Hutus in attacks which led to up to a million deaths.”

“The role of Boutros-Ghali, who was in charge at the UN when it turned its back on the killings in 1994, is revealed in a book by Linda Melvern.”

3. Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

May 3, 2012

“The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.”

4.  UN’s Kofi Annan: An Agent of Wall Street

March 20, 2012

“Annan is a trustee of Wall Street speculator George Soros and geopolitical manipulator Zbigniew Brzezinski’s International Crisis Group, along side Neo-Conservative corporate lobbyist and warmonger Kenneth Adelman, US State Department-listed Iranian terror organization MEK lobbyist – General Wesley Clark, Wall Street-backed color revolution leader – Mohammed ElBaradei of Egypt, and Brookings Institution’s Samuel Berger.”

“It then appears, despite the United Nations being stamped upon Annan’s efforts, that he is in fact a direct representative of Western geopolitical ambitions, more specifically those of Wall Street and London.”

5. UN Social Engineers Conditioning Children Into Accepting Abortions

April 4, 2012

“A 2009 draft report on ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’ proposes desensitizing children as young as 5 to the concepts of masturbation and incrementally preparing them for the concept of aborting life. Although the report sparked a mild controversy in the beginning of September 2009, the final ‘Conference Ready Version’ of the abject report has not removed the proposals.”

6. Dark Side of Ban Ki-moon And The United Nations Shines Through As They Condemn Richard Falk For His Views on 9/11

February 9, 2011

“Last month, Neuer used his organization’s influence to demonize Richard Falk, a retired professor from Princeton University and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, for raising doubts about the official 9/11 story. He pressed the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to “condemn Richard Falk, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s permanent investigator on “Israel’s violations of the principles of international law,” for his latest remarks suggesting that the U.S. government — and not Al Qaeda terrorists — destroyed the World Trade Center.” Five days later, on January 25, the ever-compliant figurehead of the UN issued a statement, saying: “Recently, there was a Special Rapporteur who suggested there was an ‘apparent cover-up’ in the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. I want to tell you, clearly and directly. I condemn this sort of inflammatory rhetoric. It is preposterous – an affront to the memory of the more than 3,000 people who died in that tragic terrorist attack.”

“Ban Ki-moon’s remarks were echoed by Susan Rice, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, who called for the removal of Falk from his position at the UN.”

7. UN Designates “Free Syrian Army” Affiliates as Al Qaeda

August 12, 2012

“LIFG, who is now leading, arming, and funding (via Qatari, Saudi, Turkish, US, and British cash) entire brigades of the so-called “Free Syrian Army,” is clearly listed as an integral part of Al Qaeda, with the UN noting several prominent LIFG terrorists occupying the highest echelons of Al Qaeda’s command structure.”

“Should the UN fail to enforce its own resolutions, while playing host to further sanctions and considerations for military intervention against the Syrian government who is in fact resisting an international terrorist organization, it will have entirely resigned its legitimacy and authority as nothing more than a tool of Western corporate-financier interests.  It will also highlight the necessity to expediently remove and replace it – ideally with a system that represents a multipolar balance of global power maintained by sovereign nation-states rather than untenable supranational governance.”

8. Obama Administration Financially Supports China’s Population Policies Through UN Population Fund

September 18, 2010

“Steven Mosher, founder and president of the Population Research Institute put out a video recently, exposing the UN-endorsed depopulation policies in China that, as Mosher explains, “continue to this day.”

“As it turns out, the concept of voluntarism is not easily reconcilable with the Chinese government’s aim of reducing its population. On July 7th, LifeSiteNews.Com reported that UNFPA’s claim that it “played a catalytic role in introducing a voluntary reproductive health approach in China” is patently false. Steven Mosher explained the policies of the Chinese government- partially funded by the UNFPA.”

“Women continue to be arrested for the crime of being pregnant. They continue to be forcibly aborted. Minorities continue to be targeted. The handicapped are forbidden children. These violations of human rights are occurring right under the UNFPA‘s nose. It is ludicrous to suggest that the UN population controllers do not know about them.”

9.  Nazi at the UN: Kurt Waldheim

June 15, 2007

“Kurt Waldheim … was Secretary-General of the United Nations for 10 years; later he was elected President of Austria, even though details of his wartime participation in the barbarous Nazi occupation of the Balkans emerged during his campaign.”

“In the process Waldheim became the best-known Austrian politician since Adolf Hitler, and his election and subsequent period of office precipitated Austria’s most serious moral and political crisis since 1945.”

“The young Waldheim read Law at Vienna University and attended the Consular Academy for future diplomats. In 1938 he joined the Nazi student association and a Brownshirt riding club, the SA-Reiterstandarte 5/90.”

10. Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

June 24, 2009

“Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America. These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.”

11. Honduran Farmers Slaughtered In Name Of Global Warming

October 4, 2011

“UN-accredited companies violently seize land to grow biofuels as part of carbon trading scheme.”

“The United Nations’ CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) responded to news of the killings with a collective shrug of the shoulders. “We are not investigators of crimes,” a board member told EurActiv.”

12. UN Powers Violate Their Own Resolution By Targeting Gaddafi

March 21, 2011

“As the contrived moral high ground behind the absurdly hypocritical “humanitarian” pretext of the attack on Libya collapses in the wake of Russia, the Arab League and the African Union condemning the US-led NATO bombings, so does any pretense of legality that the “no fly zone” resolution holds, because the obvious attempt to assassinate Gaddafi violates not only U.S. law, but the UN’s own charter.”

“The UN resolution that supposedly gave the air strikes their legal foundation does not authorize the use of military force to enact regime change, and yet that’s precisely what NATO and the United States is pursuing – the murder or removal of Gaddafi.”

“Once again we are reminded of the fact that the United Nations only abides by its own resolutions when it is convenient. The UN will flagrantly violate its own charter with relish if there is a pre-existing geopolitical agenda to accomplish.”

13.  The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet

June 11, 2012

“The U.N. recently revived its long-held desire to take control of the Internet. It is unlikely to get its way. So, led by European nations — who else? — it has hit upon another means by which to exercise its influence: Taxes. CNET reports:”

“The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations.”

“The European proposal, offered for debate at a December meeting of a U.N. agency called the International Telecommunication Union, would amend an existing telecommunications treaty by imposing heavy costs on popular Web sites and their network providers for the privilege of serving non-U.S. users, according to newly leaked documents.”

14. EU Should ‘Undermine National Homogeneity’ Says UN Migration Chief

June 21, 2012

“The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.”

“Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.”

15. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations

“In 1943, there was the creation of the Informal Agenda Group, formed by Secretary of State Cordell Hull.  The rest of the members of the group, besides Hull, were CFR members, and the concept for the United Nations was proposed here, by Isaiah Bowman, a founding member of the CFR.  The United Nations sits today on land donated by the Rockefeller family.  In the 1949 meeting in San Francisco that drafted the charter for the UN, forty seven of the US delegation were CFR members.”

“On February 7, 1950, “International financier and CFR member James Warburg [told] a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee: “We shall have world government whether or not you like it- by conquest or consent.”  (4)  Warburg was son of CFR founder Paul Warburg.  Two days later, the Subcommittee introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution #66, which begins “Whereas, in order to achieve universal peace and justice, the present Charter of the United Nations should be changed to provide a true world government constitution.”

16.  The Green Helmets: The UN’s Environmental Troops

December 15, 2013

“Forget about the United Nations Blue Helmets, they are merely a temporary phase. The real goal of the UN is to establish a “green army,” the Green Helmets, to be deployed for about any reason that the UN global dictatorship can think of.”

“If you ever wondered why the UN keeps pushing their man made global warming LIES, you just got the answer to your question.”

“In the early 1990s – A/47/384, para 42 (26 Aug 1992) – the United Nations held a seminar in Vienna, “United Nations green helmets: A model system for the prevention and settlement of environmental disputes,” where they discussed how this new army of Green Helmets would be mandated for:

  • rapid deployment in the event of environmental crisis situations
  • resolution of transboundary and intranational disputes”

“The creation of these “green troops” was then further discussed in New York on November 11, 1997, according to Canada’s Public Works and Government Services, and during following UN meetings, summits and seminars. Leading all the way to the secret text of the Rio Earth Summit in 2012.”

“Just like the UN “peacekeepers” are now used to occupy, loot and destabilize large parts of the world, which can be proven with the data provided on the United Nations Brigandage website, so will the new Green Helmets be used to further the UN’s Agenda 21.”

17.  Lord Monckton: Shut Down The UN, Arrest Al Gore

November 28, 2009

“Monckton said that the United Nations should be “closed down,” adding that he talked to a senior UN ambassador in Canada who told him that he no longer saw any purpose in the UN and it exists “only to enrich itself at the expense of the nations it claims to serve, it’s time it was brought to an end.”

18.  9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Removed from UN Panel After B’nai B’rith Request

May 8, 2013

“A former MI5 intelligence officer who has said that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government “as a pretext for war and… to erode our freedom” has been removed from a June 6 United Nations panel discussion in New York.”

“B’nai B’rith International, a Jewish humanitarian, human rights and advocacy group, had written to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations to request that the 9/11 conspiracy theorist, Annie Machon, be removed from the panel.”

19. UN & World Bank Strangle Sovereign Nations Into Accepting Global Population Reduction Dictates

May 15, 2012

“According to two subsequent documents put out by the World Bank, its guidelines dictate that in order to qualify for World Bank lending, sovereign nations must implement population reduction objectives as outlined by the World Bank and UN Population Fund. If they refuse, lending will be withdrawn.”

“Already pre-tested and implemented in Yemen and Niger, these guidelines are destined for global implementation within the next decade, says the World Bank.”

20. United Nations Tax Exemption: UN Employees Exempt from Income Tax

December 5, 2012

“The United Nations Careers website states that “Salaries, grants and allowances paid by the United Nations are normally exempt from income tax.”

“The United Nations this year re-stated its desire to introduce global taxes on emissions and financial transactions, so you would assume that the employees of the UN would be paying their tax before they ask you to pay more, right? Wrong!”

“It appears that the United Nations has again displayed its hypocrisy by demanding that we pay, whilst they do not pay a cent. This removes any legitimacy from any arguments the UN has for global tax because how can countries be expected to follow the rules when the rule makers are exempt from their own rules?”

21.  UNO’s Atrocities in Katanga

“Regret your odious lie constituted by statement that UNO mercenaries do not fire at Red Cross ambulances and others–stop–You would be authorised to speak after spending night with us in hospital bombarded by your shameless and lawless ruffians.”

“It was December 12, 1961. Christmas was coming to Katanga. … The United Nations jets next turned their attention to the center of the city. Screaming in at treetop level while excited soldiers and white civilians popped away at them with anything from 22 pistols to submachine guns, they blasted the post office and radio station, severing Katanga’s communications with the outside world. … One came to the conclusion that the United Nations’ action was intended to make it more difficult for correspondents to let the world know what was going on in Katanga, since the only way press dispatches could be filed was to drive them 150 miles to Northern Rhodesia over a road studded with tribal roadblocks and subject to United Nations air attacks.

22.  Tainted Nightmare

August 10, 2009

“In Feb 2009, Baxter, a major manufacturer of vaccines, sent the seasonal flu shot to 18 different countries with live unattenuated H5N1 bird flu. When the Czech company Biotest was assigned to test the vaccine on live animals for the Czech government, they realized something was wrong when the test animals died. The alarm went out to all others who had received it, fortunately before it was administered. Upon follow up examination of the vaccine the live virus was revealed, had no one caught Baxter’s tainted batch, we would now be in the midst of a pandemic with massive numbers of dead.”

“Baxter was not prosecuted or punished in any way for this, even though their operational BSL3 (bio safety level 3) protocol would have stopped such contamination from being possible. The safety protocol, combined with the potency and volume of the virus in the shots clearly shows that the contamination was intentional, and that indeed an attempt to kill millions was stopped simply because ONE country paid attention to what it was getting. The protocol made it technically impossible for the virus to make the leap from the research department to the vaccine manufacturing department, which could never have had H5N1 show up there due to any reason other than willful intent.”

“One would think that Baxter would have been put out of business for making such an “error” but the opposite is true, which begs many questions, such as how did the live bird flu end up in millions of doses of vaccine? Why were the ingredients of the vaccine formulated to allow the virus to survive fully potent en route? Why was Baxter not prosecuted or punished in any way? Instead of rightfully blackballing the company, the World Health Organization has rewarded Baxter with a contract to make a large portion of the “Swine flu” vaccinations set to be distributed world wide this fall.”

23. Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

February 2, 2013

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sES6_OXPwOU

24. How to (Re)Introduce Polio in the Philippines and the Rest of the World? Ask the UN!

December 7, 2013

“Polio outbreaks and paralysis caused by the vaccine itself, a fact that is being kept quiet as long as possible by the UN. On top of that, the scientists “are still learning,” which means that they are using the children as guinea pigs. While doing so, they even contradict themselves: “We will continue working the way we have been working because we don’t want children to be paralyzed anywhere.” Now, how stupid do these scientists and the UN think we are?”

25. UN Chief: We Will Impose Global Governance

December 16, 2009

“United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has again publicly admitted that the agenda behind the Copenhagen summit and the climate change fraud is the imposition of a global government and the end of national sovereignty.”

26. The Whistleblower – The Truth About the United Nations

January 15, 2012

“Starring Rachel Weisz, The Whistleblower, released tomorrow on DVD, is the most searing drama-documentary of recent years and has won many prizes. But more important than the accolades is that everything in the film is true. The film deals with enslavement and rape in Bosnia, not during wartime 20 years ago but during the peace. Worse, not only were the enslaved women’s “clients” soldiers and police officers – so too were the traffickers, protected at the top of the United Nations operation in Bosnia.”

“Such was the crisis sparked by the ensuing film last year that the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, was obliged in October to stage a special screening and to pledge action. But now it emerges that senior UN officials tried to belittle the film and play it down, while the whistleblower herself warns that, for all the UN’s professed resolve, “unfortunately, the widespread horror is already there. This is not going to be simple or a quick fix.”

“Moreover, the UN has shut down effective anti-trafficking initiatives by its own gender affairs chief in Bosnia.”

“Speaking to the Observer last week, Bolkovac said: “The thing that stood out about these cases in Bosnia, and cases that have been reported in other [UN] mission areas, is … that police and humanitarian workers were frequently involved in not only the facilitation of forced sexual abuse, and the use of children and young women in brothels, but in many instances became involved in the trade by racketeering, bribery and outright falsifying of documents as part of a broader criminal syndicate.”

27.  UN Probes ‘Abuse’ in Ivory Coast

July 23, 2007

“The United Nations is investigating allegations of widespread sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers serving in Ivory Coast.”

“Claims of sexual abuse have been made against UN troops on various missions.”

“Sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeeping personnel hit the headlines in 2004 after a UN report detailed widespread abuse in the DR Congo involving UN troops.”

“More than 300 members of UN peacekeeping missions around the world have been investigated for sexual exploitation and abuse since 2004, including some stationed in Congo, Cambodia and Haiti.”

28. UN “Peacekeeping” Troops Face Scandals on Sex Crimes, Corruption

October 15, 2013

“United Nations so-called “peacekeeping” troops are once again at the center of global outrage. Among other scandals, the UN and forces under its command are facing lawsuits and fresh waves of criticism for everything from corruption and lawlessness to spreading deadly diseases and even sexually abusing civilian populations in countries they occupy — an ongoing problem with UN troops that has been documented around the world. The UN, however, claims to be essentially immune, sparking further anger as thousands of Haitians continue to die from cholera spread by its “peace” forces.”

“In recent days and weeks, scandal-plagued UN war-making forces — dubbed “peacekeepers” in an Orwellian example of deceptive doublespeak — have faced accusations on three primary fronts.”

29. Haiti Cholera Epidemic Blamed On UN Peacekeepers

October 9, 2013

“The Haiti cholera epidemic is being blamed on United Nations peacekeepers. A lawsuit filed in Manhattan’s Federal District Court accuses UN workers of bringing the disease into the country.”

“Officials said Haiti was free of the disease for nearly 100 years. In 2010, the devastating disease reemerged. Within three years, more than 650,000 residents were sickened and 8,300 were dead.”

“Officials with the UN ordered forensic testing to identify the source. It was determined that several members of the UN peacekeeping force entered Haiti while infected with the disease.”

“As reported by New York Times, the lawsuit also claims the Nepalese UN peacekeeper base contributed to spreading the disease.”

30. UN Peacekeepers in Mali Accused of Sexual Abuse

September 24, 2013

“The United Nations has revealed it has received allegations of sexual abuse and other serious misconduct by its peacekeeping troops in Mali.”

“The incidents were said to have taken place in the northeastern town of Gao on September 19 and 20, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman was quoted as saying in a statement from the UN released on Monday which didn’t give details about the accusations.”

31. UN Admits Paying France In Mali, Amount Secret, Araud Points at Russia

December 10, 2013

“The UN decided to pay France for airfield services in northern Mali through a non public, non competitive process, spokesperson Farhan Haq acknowledged to Inner City Press at Tuesday’s noon briefing.”

“Inner City Press asked Haq how much the non public “letter of assist” is for, and why such letters are not disclosed by the UN, since public money is being spent. Neither question was answered.”

32.  Mali Police UN Works With Killed Protester in Kidal, Ladsous Says in Rare Answer

December 13, 2013

“The Malian police in Kidal shot protesters after UN peacekeepers and French Serval forces told the crowd to disperse. Last weekend one of those shot died.”

“UN Police and Serval, the French troops, ordered the crowd to disperse. It appears Malian police did shoot, and yes, three civilians were injured, one of whom died over the weekend.”

“In the case of the 135 rapes in Minova by the 391st and 41st Battalions of the Congolese Army, the UN has continued to provide material support to those two units for the eleventh months before any trial started.”

33. United Nations Tries to Save Face On Libya Occupation

August 30, 2011

“The al-Qaeda vision for Libya was so stark and authoritarian that the globalists at the United Nations had to step in and save face.”

“In order to make the globalist occupation of Libya more palatable, the United Nations has stepped in with plans for foreign “military observers” and UN-run elections.”

“Because the UN plan allows NATO to operate as it sees fit in Libya, the differences between the two plans may be purely academic.”

34.  The UN, Eugenics and the Mass Media

May 8, 2009

“A March 2009 policy brief by the United Nations Population Division reveals that the long-term plan for worldwide population reduction is not going fast enough, not by a long shot. Under the desperate headline ‘What would it take to accelerate fertility decline in the least developed countries?’ the policy brief gives an overview of the progress made by developing countries in regards to the globalists set goal of reducing population and proposes several ways of speeding up the death.”

35. UN Censorship: Rio Earth Summit Text is Now Secret — Senior Official of ‘Transparent’ UN Admits Rio Negotiating Text is Classified

June 20, 2012

“Officially-accredited non-government delegates who had traveled thousands of miles to attend the UN’s Rio+20 sustainable development conference in Brazil have been refused all access to the central negotiating text.”

“This key document, containing all of the environmental conference’s decisions, is now restricted to governmental delegates only.”

“The UN’s panic decision to classify the Rio negotiating text follows CFACT’s Climate Depot revelation at the UN climate conference in Durban in 2011 of the then-public Durban draft, whose contents the world’s news media had failed to report.”

“CFACT’s exposure of the strange proposals in the Durban text – which gave “Mother Earth” the right to sue Western nations in a new “International Climate Court”, and suggested that CO2 concentration should be halved (which would wipe out most plant and animal species on Earth) – led to the hasty abandonment of half of the text the day before negotiations were concluded.”

“The UN has become acutely sensitive to criticism, particularly because of a number of financial and sexual scandals at the UN’s plush headquarters in New York, many of which had not been exposed in the mainstream news media. The official thought it quite likely that the Rio negotiating text had been classified because the Durban text, once CFACT had released it, had proven to be such a grave embarrassment to the UN and to the participating governments, most of whose negotiators did not actually read the long, diffuse texts before agreeing to them.”

36. The United Nations Oil-for-Food Program

April 18, 2003

“The quantities of goods involved in shipments are confidential, and almost all descriptions on the contract lists made public by the United Nations are so generic as to be meaningless. For example, a deal with Russia approved last Nov. 19 was described on the contract papers with the enigmatic notation: ”goods for resumption of project.” Who are the Russian suppliers? The United Nations won’t say. What were they promised in payment? That’s secret.”

May 8, 2011

“First, who is Nadhmi Auchi? .. Iraqi-born, British billionaire who, according to one report, “set up a variety of deals with Saddam Hussein’s regime prior to the 1991 Gulf War, and was one of the largest private shareholders in BNP Paribas, the bank that trafficked most of the funds involved in the UN Oil-For-Food scandal.”

“Power Corporation of Canada made headlines in 2005, when it was revealed that the man handpicked by the UN secretary general to probe the UN’s scandal-soaked Oil-for-Food Programme, Paul Volcker, had not disclosed to the UN that he was a paid adviser to Power Corporation. Volcker was obviously too close for comfort to the same companies he was tasked with investigating. This was a clear conflict of interest, as Power Corporation had ties to the French oil giant, Total, which was being investigated under the Iraq Oil-for-Food Programme for lucrative contracts to develop and exploit the Majnoon and Nahr Umar oil fields in southern Iraq.”

February 25, 2012

“Plaintiffs will prove that the defendants reward assassins with ‘off-book’ funds, including money confiscated by the Canadian Privy Council or the U.S. Department of Justice from international drug cartels or ‘stolen’ by non-government organizations such as the UN Oil-for-Food Program or the UN Environmental Programme.”

December 9, 2005

“A draft congressional report has called for the investigation of Canadian Maurice Strong’s role in the United Nations Oil-for-Food program. Page 35 of the 54-page report, written by Republicans on a House International Relations subcommittee states: “Maurice Strong should be examined for his role in the OFFP.” Strong is a long-time advisor to both UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.”

37. Torture by Army Peacekeepers in Somalia Shocks Canada

November 27, 1994

“The snapshots, entered as exhibits in court-martial proceedings, show Canadian soldiers at a desert outpost in Somalia posing with a blindfolded, bruised and bloodied Somali teen-ager, who was tortured until he died a few hours later.”

“Nine soldiers were charged in the case after the ill-fated tour of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, a unit that joined the United Nations peacekeeping force to deliver relief supplies to Somalia during six months of 1992 and 1993. One soldier received a five-year prison sentence, another was ordered jailed for 90 days, four have been acquitted, two were reprimanded and one is awaiting trial.”

38.  Beasts in Blue Berets


“…photograph depicts two Belgian paladins of the new world order giddily holding a Somali child over an open flame. Other series of photographs depict UN soldiers kicking and stabbing a Somali, and another soldier apparently urinating on the Somali’s dead body; yet another shows a Somali child being forced to drink salt water, vomit, and worms. A second group of photos published in the July 15th Village Voice shows the dead bodies of bound Somalis — what appears to be the work of a death squad.”

“One atrocity not caught on camera involved the “punishment” of a Somali child by placing him in a metal container and withholding water from him for two days; predictably, the relentless African heat killed the child. One Belgian UN soldier testified that it was a regular practice to use metal boxes as prison cells, and that other Somalis probably died similarly gruesome deaths.”

“One might expect the photographs and first-person accounts of such atrocities to arouse public indignation against the UN’s “planetary police,” just as the endlessly replayed videotape of the Rodney King arrest turned public opinion against the Los Angeles Police Department. Perhaps this is why the photographs have been all but invisible in the United States, and precious little media attention has been devoted to an examination of UN atrocities.”

“Village Voice reporter Jennifer Gould came across the accounts of the Belgian atrocities while doing an earlier story about sexual harassment of female employees at UN headquarters. “When I spoke with people at the UN, time after time I was told, ‘If you think it’s bad here, you ought to see what happens in peacekeeping operations,’” Gould told The New American.”

39.  United Nations and the Global Control of Weapons

December 13, 2013

“While the United Nations keep pushing for full disarmament of the people around the world it is worth looking at the UN’s own weapons arsenal. It’s very clear that the ban of small arms, like guns, is a complete but  dangerous joke and has all the earmarks of a true dictatorial move.”

“Not only does the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) enforce the disarmament of civilians, it’s also a one way deal.”

“Leaving the UN in full control of all kinds of weapons, weapons which are much larger and more powerful than the small weapons that the ATT is set to ban, is an open invitation to establish a global oppressive regime.”

“In addition, countries profiting the most from the international arms trade are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: the USA, UK, France, Russia, and China. Each with the full power to enforce a veto, in case they don’t like what other states propose. It is therefore utterly hypocrite to believe that the UN itself would not benefit as well from this arms trade by its permanent members.”

40.  Obama & Allies Tell UN to Cover for Lack of Global Warming

September 23, 2013

“As the United Nations prepares to release its latest report on “climate change,” leaked documents obtained recently by the Associated Press show the Obama administration and other governments are pressuring the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cover up the fact that “global warming” essentially has been stopped for the last 16 years. The explosive revelations, already being described as “ClimateGate II” in the press, come amid a coordinated bid to revive the failing effort to adopt an international carbon regime in the coming years.”

“According to analysts, the leaked documents confirm once again that the global body’s alarmism about alleged “man-made global warming” is really a political ploy, rather than an issue of “science.” As The New American reported last week, with the ongoing UN climate deception once again re-emerging in the global media, experts and scientists are lashing out at what they see as the corruption of science — a dangerous trend for humanity. The latest revelations only add further weight to the concerns.”

41.  United Nations Calls for Internet Big Brother System to Combat Terrorism

October 23, 2012

“Under the rubric of combating international terrorism, the United Nations is calling for pervasive and widespread internet surveillance, Declan McCullagh reported on Monday.”

“Terrorists are exploiting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Dropbox, to spread “propaganda” and open Wi-Fi networks in airports and libraries pose a threat to national security and enable “perpetrators,” according to “The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes,” a PDF released at a conference in Vienna held by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).”

“The UN plan calls specifically for data retention by ISPs and providers that allow anonymous access to the internet, such as cyber cafes and open Wi-Fi networks.”

42.  Food and Depopulation: International Takeover by the UN

June 16, 2010

“Most people think that the United Nations is a noble enterprise and they don’t understand the history and malignant character of the UN.”

“Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore and Sean Penn are probably unaware, even though they are UN Ambassadors to the World Food Program (WFP), that the intent of the UN is to implement one world government (see videos below).  The UN WFP, which spreads GMOs in poor countries, is just one tool used for advancing the goals of Agenda 21, the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control.”

“The WFP is corrupt to its core, as evidenced by a leaked UN document about Somalia which exposed that most of the aid goes to UN workers, Islamic militants and contractors.(6)  Another example is in Ethiopia where only 12% of the food aid was delivered to the intended poverty stricken area.  Additionally, there are more examples of corruption with shipping and trucking fees inflated up to 300% over cost.  Of course, NGOs are deeply complicit in this international scheme of theft and incompetence with zero accountability.”

“The UN WTO (World Trade Organization) influences tariffs and can impose fines (of hundreds of millions of dollars) on countries when they trade internationally.  While they promote the phrase “free trade”, it is anything but a free market, due to the favorable or unfavorable tariff taxes that the WTO sets.  It fosters monopolies on a grand scale.  It prohibits competition and true free market Capitalism.”

“F. William Engdahl, author of “Seeds of Destruction”, explains in detail how the Biosafety Protocol, a policy that requiring GMO testing and proof of safety, was undermined.  This was done by forcing a clause into the Biosafety Protocol making its rules subordinate to the UN WTO, using the argument that banning GMOs was a barrier to trade under the WTO rules, because the concern over safety was “unproven”.  Therefore, the burden of proof for the safety of GMOs was removed from Monsanto and the other manufacturers, which leaves consumers, independent farmers and anyone else harmed by GMOs the costly task of proving, scientifically and in court, that GMOs are unsafe.”

“The UN IMF (International Monetary Fund) and UN World Bank are sister agencies that impose harsh conditions and penalties on loans made to governments, resulting in austerity and privatization.   In fact, Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner in 2001, former chief economist of the World Bank and formerly one of President Clinton’s economists, exposed the corruption of the UN IMF and World Bank’s practice of keeping developing countries on the loan repayment treadmill, which can lead to harsh measures when the countries fail to repay the loan, instead of allowing a country to go bankrupt and then start over.  In 2003, The IMF actually admitted that its policies have often failed for over 60 years.(12)”

“The IMF and World Bank, working closely with the WTO, offer financial aid and guarantees to multinational companies to privatize in poor countries.  Even worse, the IMF and World Bank pressure countries, crippled by debt, to privatize utilities and other resources, especially water.  Remember, water is a resource that affects food production.  The US Treasury funds 51% of the World bank.  The UN derives much power from indebted countries and then is able to make outrageous demands upon the debtor nations, that then benefit corporations and individuals like Bill Gates.(13)”

43. United Nations Wants Control of Web Kill Switch

November 12, 2012

“An unfettered internet, free of political control and available to everyone could be relegated to cyber-history under a contentious proposal by a little known United Nations body.”

“Experts claim that Australians could see political and religious websites disappear if the Federal Government backs a plan  to hand control over the internet to the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU).”

“A draft of the proposal, formulated in secret and only recently posted on the ITU website for public perusal, reveal that if accepted, the changes would allow government restriction or blocking of information disseminated via the internet and create a global regime of monitoring internet communications – including the demand that those who send and receive information identify themselves.”

44. UN-Backed Scientists Call For Mega-City Population Lockup

March 29, 2012

“In a recent statement put out by “Planet Under Pressure” several scientists call for denser cities in order to mitigate worldwide population growth. When in doubt that UN’s Agenda 21 is not the Mein Kampf of our day, one should consider yet another in-your-face confession from yet another certified biocratic control freak.”

“According to an MSNBC article one of the scientists while speaking about human populations worldwide, stated:

“We certainly don’t want them strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].”

“Insisting the world’s population be locked up within the confounds of mega-cities, the elite realizes that if the herd is to be properly controlled walls are needed- thick walls, and by constructing these walls, making the masses go this or that way will be made easier.”

45.  United Nations Soft-Kill Depopulation Agenda Exposed

April 1, 2012

“Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO.”

“The Task Force acts as a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D in the various working groups and supports research on different approaches, such as anti-sperm and anti-ovum vaccines and vaccines designed to neutralize the biological functions of hCG.”

“One of the purposes of the vaccines is the implementation in developing countries.”

“Although the term “Anti-Fertility Vaccine”, coined by the Rockefeller Foundation, was replaced by the more bureaucratic sounding “Fertility Regulating Vaccine (FRV), the programme was obviously the same. Besides, the time-line shows conclusively that the WHO, UN Population Fund and World Bank continued on a path outlined by the Rockefellers in the late 1960s.”

46.  United Nations “Peacekeepers” Will Now Go On the Offensive in Africa

November 3, 2013

“Fresh blood for the ongoing move to pilfer Africa’s resources.”

“Blue helmets will take military action against militias in the war-torn Congo, the Washington Times reported late last week. They will no longer simply stand on the sidelines, but will take an active role in the warfare between rival tribal groups.”

“The CIA has worked behind the scenes for decades in the Congo. It began with the assassination of the country’s first prime minister after independence from Belgium, the socialist Patrice Lumumba. The United Nations worked hand-in-glove with the United States and the CIA to destabilize the Congo and set it up for the bloody conflict that continues there today. Since the establishment of Africom, the U.S. Africa Command, and the importation of al-Qaeda and other CIA-created terror groups in northern Africa, a renewed emphasis has been placed on stepped-up balkanization and pacification of the continent.”

47.  UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Face Sex Attack Inquiry

September 3, 2011

“The UN is investigating accusations that Uruguayan soldiers serving with the world body’s peacekeeping force in Haiti sexually assaulted an 18-year-old man after alleged footage of the incident was circulated in the country on mobile phones.”

“A Haitian magistrate told the AFP news agency on Friday that he had turned the case over to prosecutors after viewing the evidence and after the alleged victim and his parents gave depositions in a courthouse in Port Salut, the southern seaside town where the alleged sex attack is said to have occurred.”

“He said he was also investigating allegations of sexual relations between Uruguayan peacekeepers and young Haitian females who had become pregnant.”

48.  UN Staff Accused of Raping Children in Sudan

January 2, 2007

“The UN said today that it would launch an investigation after the Daily Telegraph reported allegations that UN personnel have abused children in southern Sudan.”

“Members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Sudan are facing allegations of raping and abusing children as young as 12.”

“The first indications of possible sexual exploitation emerged within months of the UN force’s arrival and The Daily Telegraph has seen a draft of an internal report compiled by the UN children’s agency Unicef in July 2005 referring to the problem.”

““A man in a white car drove past and asked me if I wanted to get into the car with him. I saw that the car was a UN car because it was white with the black letters on it. The man had a badge on his clothes. When he stopped the car, we got out, he put a blindfold on me and started to abuse me. It was painful and went on for a long time. When it was over we went back to the place we had been, and he pushed me out of the car and left.”

49.  UN Troops Face Child Abuse Claims

November 30, 2006

“Children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia, a BBC investigation has found.”

“Girls have told of regular encounters with soldiers where sex is demanded in return for food or money.”

“The UN has faced several scandals involving its troops in recent years, including a DR Congo paedophile ring and prostitute trafficking in Kosovo.”

“My operating presumption is that this is either a problem or a potential problem in every single one of our missions.”

50.  Sex and Drugs at the UN

June 1, 2004

“Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures is a memoir of UN peacekeeping by three civilians who served in numerous trouble spots in the 1990s, including Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia, and others besides. It is also a record of UN failure, corruption, and cynicism, and reading it one can easily understand why the UN tried hard to prevent its publication.”

51.  UN Ship ‘Carried Child Prostitutes’

July 1, 2003

“THE United Nations is investigating a report that a ship chartered for peacekeepers in East Timor is also being used to bring child prostitutes to the island nation, the organisation said today.”

“The allegations surfaced over the weekend in the Portuguese weekly Expresso. The Expresso report said UN personnel were involved in bringing girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes.”

“The same office investigated allegations last year of sexual exploitation of refugee children in West Africa by employees of more than 40 private aid organisations.”

52.  UN Troops Accused of ‘Systematic’ Rape in Sierra Leone

January 17, 2003

“Rebels, government troops and United Nations peacekeepers were all guilty of raping women on a systematic scale throughout Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war, a leading international human rights group reported yesterday.”

“The 75-page report, We’ll Kill You If You Cry, makes harrowing reading, with accounts of children being forced to rape grandmothers, fathers made to watch daughters being raped and other instances of serious sexual assault.”

53.  U.N. Adds New Cases of Sex Abuse

October 14, 2002

“One of the 10 new cases involved a volunteer working for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the preeminent world refugee agency, while the other nine cases involved personnel from nongovernmental agencies.”

54.  U.N. Finally Forced to Probe Its Pedophilia Scandal

May 7, 2002

“The United Nations’ massive pedophilia scandal has not received 1 percent of the media attention given to the Catholic Church’s homosexual priest scandal. Finally some attention is being paid, now that the U.N.’s cover is blown.”

“The scale of allegations, partly revealed Feb. 26, sent shock waves through the “international aid community” and led to calls from U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and governments for an urgent investigation in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.”

“We can barely cope with the cases that are being referred to us,” Dileep Nair, U.N. undersecretary general and chief of OIOS, told UPI.”

“In 2001, the burdened OIOS had more than 400 cases referred to it ranging from petty to serious alleged breaches linked to U.N. matters.”

“UNHCR staff, government representatives and the agency staff, including senior managers, acknowledged that they knew such practices happened. Regrettably, even in situations where such information had been brought to their attention in the past, no action had been taken to monitor or redress the situation.”

“U.N. Workers Among ‘Worst Sexual Exploiters of Children’.”

“Agency workers from the international and local NGOs as well as U.N. agencies were ranked as among the worst sex exploiters of children, often using the very humanitarian aid and services intended to benefit the refugee population as a tool of exploitation.”

“The assessment team listed sexual allegations and called for further investigation against workers from 42 agencies and 67 individuals.”

“United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) battalions whose “peacekeepers” are alleged to be involved in sexual exploitation include those from Britain, Kenya, Ghana, Guinea, India, Nigeria (Ecomog force before 2000), Pakistan, Bangladesh and Zambia.”

“It was only after the British Broadcasting Corp. revealed the contents of the assessment mission that UNHCR and Save the Children group revealed some of report’s findings and recommendations.”

“Humanitarian officials familiar with the brief said many sex abuse victims are afraid to take part in a formal investigation and don’t come forward for fear of vengeance and recrimination.”

“In order for a refugee to make a report, they would have to go through the same persons who themselves are perpetrators of sexual exploitation. Most staff appear to connive to hide the actions of other staff.”

“So let’s see: Senior U.N. officials knew of the widespread pedophilia. Not only did they not take action against the perpetrators, they covered up the atrocities.”

“And even after the scandal comes to light, most media give this major news event little or no coverage.”

Source: United Nations Brigandage

* * *


“The more than 50 cases are factual reports about disinformation regarding the true intentions of the UN’s Agenda 21, about corruption, depopulation, destabilization & occupation, disarmament, drugs, human trafficking, internet control, man made global warming, mind control, Nazi links, pedophilia, sexual abuse and torture.

United Nations officials and personnel are directly involved in every single case!

The fact that their are so many cases where it is pointed out that the UN is involved in misconduct, coverups and the deliberate distribution of disinformation should be very alarming to the international community, since the United Nations is the largest international institution which describes itself, through the nature of its policies, as a global governing entity.

Due to the high number of known cases, and one can only imagine what has yet to come out, it is no longer possible nor acceptable to claim that it’s about a single situation where things unfortunately went wrong because of unexpected circumstances that occurred at the same time. That is in no way the truth at all.

It is very clear now, after thoroughly investigating every case, that it’s really about systematic abuse of and hostile intentions towards the free people of the world.

OMNI-JUR is convinced that everyone who is honest about the current status of and the practices by the United Nations as an entity, after learning all the above provided facts (and more), will come to the same conclusion as we do.

The time has come to face the truth about the United Nations and its real, yet hidden, agenda and as a result take legal action against these hostile intentions towards the international community and the individual person of each citizen of this planet who is not involved as a culprit in the misconducts of the UN.

There are policies being implemented that do not line up with the facts and the truth, of which the UN is obviously aware, given the facts provided in the more than 50 cases. These policies are complete opposite of what the UN is being advertised to be doing. Instead of working towards world peace and a society free of diseases, the UN is putting all its resources at work to serve and enrich a rather small group of politicians, executives, bankers and corporations, while occupying and deliberately creating instability through the use of arms (weapons) in the parts of the world where the UN is active, under the pretense of “peacekeeping.”

Terms like “population reduction” and “depopulation,” as independent investigators and journalists call it, do not refer to productive and healthy measures that the UN might have in mind. Instead it refers to the practices of the UN, and its partners, that have the intention to deliberately reduce the number of people who live on this planet, through the use of vaccines and other eugenics methods.

The UN is obviously also involved in deliberate fear mongering and knowingly spreading of inaccurate information, with the intention to manipulate the people of the world into believing fabricated realities and into accepting measures and policies which will limit:

  • the right to pursue good health and happiness
  • freedom of expression, religion and press

Overall, it is valid to state that the United Nations is violating its own conventions, treaties and guidelines, this alone should already be reason enough to audit the whole UN entity, all its branches, all its Specialized Agencies and every activity conducted.

According to OMNI-JUR, the known cases as mentioned and referred to in this report contain more than enough facts and evidence to justify the lifting of the diplomatic immunity of the UN and for legal actions against the UN for:

  • Committing war crimes
  • Violating of universal human rights
  • Conspiring against humanity
  • Conducting psychological warfare
  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Brigandage
  • Corruption
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Pedophilia
  • Torture
  • Human Trafficking
  • Fraud

Certainly there must have been earlier collective reports about these and other findings and even attempts to undertake legal actions against the UN to finally hold them accountable for their brutal and inhumane actions and the results thereof.

One of the more resent cases which involved the Mothers of Srebrenica Association, regarding “the failure to prevent the genocide of around 8000 Bosnian Muslims in the East Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica in 1995,” resulted in the upholding of the UN’s diplomatic immunity by Dutch courts whereby the Mothers of Srebrenica Association was left behind empty-handed and was only able to continue their legal action against the State of the Netherlands (Ministry of General Affairs).

Not responding to this epic call for justice is making the wrong choice!

The situation is already out of control, people have been murdered and abused by a corrupt organization claiming to bring peace and justice, while the truth is the exact opposite. It’s time we expose this tyranny once and for all.”

* * *

The United States of the Internet and the Public Intelligence and Education Academy (PIEA) have hereby informed the international community in a formal manner and we invite other governments and sovereign communities to join our position on these matters, to terminate all memberships at and co-operations with the UN, to lift the diplomatic immunity of the UN in order to allow legal actions against the UN, to defund and dismantle the entire United Nations organization including all its specialized agencies.

Inaction should be regarded as facilitating the continuance of the above described 54 cases and crimes, which are merely the tip of the iceberg since these are the in the media reported cases.

The cases that are still being kept secret should therefore be immediately released to the public and the international community. It is the duty of any government to protect and serve its population, not to conspire against them.